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The Willow Pattern

Royal Doulton Motoring Seriesware

Very few examples of this plate exist showing a humorous motoring version of the traditional Willow Pattern. There are three motorists, one ‘blowing-up’ on the bridge, another stranded in water and the other crashing into the pagoda ejecting the female passenger. The pattern D3625 was not registered until 1912; however, it would seem that it was in production before then.

There is a record of a blind backstamp for 9-06 (September 1906) on one plate. On the undersides of the plate there is the usual Doulton lion and crown mark, painted D3625, artist’s initial plus a transfer number. On the example shown it is 10 but 8 has also been seen. What is the purpose of this number – transfer identification? Only the 10 ½ inch rack plate has been seen in this design and it is normally hand painted but a unique plate with just the outline has been recorded.

Royal Doulton Early Motoring Seriesware Willow Pattern Royal Doulton Early Motoring Seriesware Willow Pattern
  • Designs Shown:
    • Willow
  • Size: 10 ½ inch diameter
  • Points Value: 800
  • Comments: Plate Only.

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